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Successful results for your company and your customers

Radius Global Solutions’ pioneering approach to debt recovery has proven successful for a variety of customers including many leading national credit grantors. Our guiding philosophy is to resolve differences between creditors and consumers to the satisfaction of both with a customer-specific, multifaceted approach.
Brand Protection – We provide consumers with debt resolution options that fit your needs while preserving your underlying brand relationship.
Compliance and Quality Control – Throughout our process, we stay in full compliance with collection laws and our clients’ policies, confidentiality and security needs.
Productive, Responsive Staff – We hire, train, develop and retain staff that knows how to listen, learn and adapt to changing situations.
Strategic Account Management – We understand our customers’ strategic business and unique structural/procedural needs. Our state-of-the-art IT and back-office processes ensure fast and simplified placements, even with large volumes.
High-Volume Capacity – We have the capacity and flexibility to rapidly and effectively take on significant new volume from our customers.

Direct Response Collections

We have pioneered a collections strategy to ensure a more productive and successful outcome. Called Direct Response Collections, this industry-leading approach is built around empathetic consumer interactions that are data driven and results oriented. Components include:

  • Effective, multi-channel communication
  • Superior predictive analytics
  • Highly responsive staff to deliver  competitive returns
  • Proven compliance
  • Brand enhancement

The Strategy
By starting with the highest quality customer information, Radius Global Solutions’ responsive staff helps develop an individualized debt resolution plan filled with payment options.

The Method
The Radius Global Solutions’ exclusive Direct Response Collections process uses a multi-channel focus. It includes:

  • Compelling, highly professional consumer mailings
  • Follow-through and tracking with each mailing
  • Communicating with consumers via phone
  • Communicating with consumers via email and the Web, where requested by the consumer  with written consent
  • Front-end scrubbing by a team of information experts

The Result
Radius Global Solutions’ Direct Response Collections proprietary process consistently provides a superior rate of success.

  • Offers viable, realistic options for payment
  • Employs predictive analytics
  • Utilizes a responsive staff
  • Presents proven compliance
  •  Enhances brands
  • Consistently delivers collections results


Our Industries

Ask us how we can help your company with collections in these industries:
  • Automotive
  • Credit Card
  • Mortgage
  • Student Loan
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities

What Clients Say

"I knew Radius Global Solutions had a reputation of being a first-class agency, and they have certainly lived up to that label since joining our network. Their new client set-up process was extremely quick and painless; their back office is exceptional; and their liquidation rates are exceeding our expectations."

Agency Manager, Top 10 Bank Card


Quality client service is a priority

Our award-winning Client Service Department dedicates a leader to each consumer to serve as the “live” primary contact — a real person in real time.
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Trust and Security

At Radius Global Solutions, we go beyond debt recovery. We become your collections partner.

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Unmatched Liquidations

At Radius Global Solutions, our goal is the highest “netback” to our customers of any agency. We find the fastest, most efficient way to maximize recovery. Often, Radius Global Solutions’ results will raise the performance of our clients’ other agencies.

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Cutting Edge

Our cutting-edge technology infrastructure is equal to those of the largest firms in the industry. Radius Global Solutions remains nimble enough to expand quickly and flex to its clients’ needs.

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